A Little About Us

3Particle Solution Sdn Bhd incorporated in Malaysia at year 2013 and offering full range of services from digital media & interactive experiences and up to full scale event management and exhibitions, work across a wide range of industry sectors handling events in Asia.

Particularly strong in the Information Technology (IT) sectors and Automotive sectors as well as Corporate sectors, we give solutions from planning to executions... and we creates The Future’s Experiences.

Our Philosophy

Nonetheless, we work with a wide range of clients, with a dynamic range of skills and abilities of our teams. The thing that amazes the clients is the experiences and solutions that we had offer to them.

Yet we are keeping up with our great potential of solutions and we want our client to go through The Future’s Experiences together with us.

Services - At a Glance

Digital Media & Interactive Solution
Providing digital experience strategy for brand to stay competitive and opens a world of opportunity to enrich their relationships with their customers.

  • Application Development
  • Interactive Media
  • Motion Graphics & Videography
  • Special Content Development
Creating memorable and inextinguishable for brand and business experiences and engagement.

  • Annual Meetings and Conferences.
  • Award, Gala and Fundraising Events.
  • Product Launches and Roadshows.
  • Guest & Data Capture Management
  • Show Production and Theatrical Stage & Set Design
  • Seminars & Training and educational events.
  • Tournaments
  • Viral Campaign
Merging the Brand, People, Products, Media and Architecture to deliver an impactful and attractive experiences.

  • Tradeshows & Exhibits
Retail Brand Experiences
Conceptualize an unique and engaging brand experiences to the anticipated target audiences.

  • Concept Store Design
  • Revamping and Constructions